#1 Witch Pin
#1 Witch Pin
#1 Witch Pin
#1 Witch Pin

#1 Witch Pin

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Natural Leader.  Head Sorceress.  Number One Witch.  

Is this you, m’dear?  A candle-burning, moss-gathering, crystal-hoarding, bath-taking caster of spells?  A cauldron-tending, altar-owning, pendulum-swinging diviner of knowledge?

Yeah?  Then, by all means, wear this pin with pride.  It’s a flaunty rainbow declaring your badass status to the world and beyond.  Big and bold, it’s three full inches in diameter.  That’s bigger than normal, babe, because, who wants to be normal?

Wear the #1 Witch pin when you…

  • Need more queer flair on your jacket
  • Want to upgrade from teeny 1” buttons to the Great Sexy Button Size of THE FUTURE
  • Are a #1 Witch


Laminated circle pin with locking pin back

3” in diameter