About Neon Altar


Step to the Neon Altar.  
Open a deep, magic slice of your heart.  
Find inside, a glowing invincible spark.  
Your living, lovely intuition.  A truth you own.  Your access to guidance.  
Trust your intuition.



Neon Altar is a modern marketplace for those drawn to the metaphysical: witches, intuitives, psychics, dreamers, tarot readers, and label-less seekers.


Neon Altar offers tools for exploration of inner space: crystals, scents, cauldrons, tarot, bath goods, essential oils, altar accents, and candles.  Neon Altar's wares are witch-tested and hand-picked for their potency, indie origins, and modern aesthetic.  


More than a marketplace, Neon Altar is also a conduit for growth, change, and connection.  It's a vision of a world where creative, art-loving mystics, witches, and intuitives feel safe in our power, unafraid to let our woo-woo shine.  Neon Altar, in previous pre-COVID days, hosted events, such as a full moon storytelling show, author readings, new moon parties, and book/ tarot launches. 


We practice magic to explore.  To examine the balance between light and dark. Ritual connection to the Moon, Nature, and Spirit strengthens our ties to deeper, stronger, more powerful rhythms of life. 


The witch behind Neon Altar is me, Suzy Mae, a mixed queer artist who makes magic in sunny Los Angeles.  Neon Altar is my vision of a world where witches walk proudly, knowing it is safe to be powerful, trusting wholeheartedly in themselves.  You can write to me here.  Hi.  


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