How to Use Your New Cauldron


how to use a cauldron! @suzy_mae



STEP ONE: Add sand. Adding an inch of sand to the bottom of your fresh iron cauldron helps disperse heat and forms a base to support your charcoal disk.

STEP TWO: Light your charcoal disc while holding with tongs. Carefully light a disc of charcoal by picking it up with stainless steel tongs and gripping tight. Holding the disc away from living beings/ flammable matter, catch the edge of the charcoal disc on fire with a lighter (good idea: light over a sink or on your gas stove.) You’ll see sparks jumping immediately.  Beware of their unpredictability. The disc will glow orange, then white.  Do not touch it— use tongs only.

STEP THREE: Place the hot disc in the cauldron. Place the indented side of the hot charcoal disc face-up on top of the sand in your cauldron. Make sure it’s on a heat-proof surface, away from the reach of kids or pets. Set it on heavy wood or metal; nothing plastic. Do not touch the sides of the cauldron once the charcoal is burning inside. Beware the silver handle. If rested against the cauldron sides, it will get hot enough to burn you. 

STEP FOUR: Add your burnables (herbs, wood, resin) to the charcoal disc. Make sure your windows are open. Using a little spoon, add a small amount of burnables to the charcoal disc indentation. Your magical dried plants will smoke for 5-7 minutes.  Add more as desired, making sure to keep smoke away from detectors.  If you need to move the cauldron, use the handle (with a potholder if necessary). To put out the charcoal disk, put the lid on to smother the burn.

CRUCIAL INFO:  Keep your cauldron in a safe place, protected from hazards, especially while it’s cooling down from a burn. Research herbs to ensure they’re safe to use with pets in the room.   Ash will accumulate in your cauldron.  When it fills halfway, honor your ashes, dispose of them safely, and refill sand. Use your cauldron with care, intention, and protection. 

Trust Your Magic.