FAQ & Contact

Where does Neon Altar ship to? 

Neon Altar ships anywhere in the US.  Sorry, no international shipping at this time!  

Is shipping free? 

If you spend over $40, you can get free shipping (under $10) with the checkout code FREEFORTY!  

My package is late, what should I do?

Dang!  So sorry.  Neon Altar ships all orders within 48 hours of payment, usually within 24.  However, since June 2020, customers have been experiencing delayed mail, and even lost mail. An explanation can be seen here via CNN — the new postmaster of USPS has destroyed sorting machines, asked workers to slow the mail, and caused other issues within the USPS.

What to do:  Every Neon Altar order is accompanied by a customer email with your order number and USPS tracking number.  You can use this tracking number to follow the path of your package via USPS.com.  Usually, you will see a note that USPS is waiting for the package (it’s being packed and transported to a Los Angeles post office) or that the package is “In Transit,” along with specific details corresponding to your order’s journey. 

You may have an order that is behind schedule, and the tracking number says “In Transit, Arriving Late.”  Frustrating, but there is one option you can undertake.  You can file a Missing Mail claim, which goes directly to your local post office, who will put a real life human on the case, to search for your package.  I have been on the phone with USPS employees sorting through the “unshippable” room, where addresses have been smeared off or they are otherwise lost, etc.  The employees on the ground really are trying to get folks their mail! 

I know this is very irritating, and it’s not fair to have to wait for a package longer than expected.  But, in good news, not a one of my customers has not gotten their package.  They’ve just arrived 5-14 days late.  😔  Please hang tight, or file the Missing Mail claim here. USPS.com will ask you for the origin address, which is: 1340 W 4th St, Los Angeles CA 90017.

You are always welcome to email hello@neonaltar.store with questions— we will find your package together!

Does Neon Altar have a real-life store? 

You may be thinking of the late, great, A Love Bizarre. A glittery, pink, cube filled with queer witchy community, A Love Bizarre succumbed to the stresses of COVID-19 in May 2020, after a yearlong run, first in DTLA, and then in Atwater Village.  A Love Bizarre was co-run by Suzy Mae of Neon Altar and Nathan Rapport of www.nathanrapportart.com

Sadly, though the store is no longer, you can see photos here, at alovebizarre.store

Who runs Neon Altar? 

Neon Altar is run by one LA witch, Suzy Mae. She (me) is the CEO, head marketer, social media manager, buyer, designer, copywriter and shipper.   Find more about the purpose of Neon Altar on our Contact page, and see more of Suzy Mae on her Instagram (@suzy_mae) or website, www.suzymae.LA.  Hi!  🙌🏽

How can I get in touch with you? 

That’s easy!  Send an email to hello@neonaltar.store.  Whatever your concern, expect a speedy response. Thanks for your curiosity and support!