Unique Womens' Center Benefit



On a Saturday in October, my phone blew up. 

Lloren was on the other line, texting me about a benefit whose tarot reader had dropped out.  I realized that it was 

1.) located 3 minutes from my house 

2.) Lloren was texting me to be THE replacement tarot reader and 

3.) it would be happening on the auspicious day of the full moon, October 31, Samhain, Halloween 2020 (in that order.)


Then,  after some back and forth I realized that:

1.) This event benefited the UWC.  The Unique Womens’ Coalition benefits the Black Trans Community, one of the most victimized and marginalized in society.

2.) This benefit would be 100% COVID-Safe, completely outdoors, with double-masked tarot readings, mandatory masks within 6ft-spread picnickers, supported with sanitized surroundings and  frequently enforced considerations for safety.

3.) My friend Lex Ryan recommended me to producers Liz August and Loren Ziegler of Le Trois BrulerBri Giger would be providing the silent disco, with Lex’s love Kate Bustamante as a guest.  Kind of a brilliant connect.  This was last minute, and intense astrologically, but I said yes. 


I went and spent time with a real strong mask on, doing tarot readings for other masked people who did disco to sanitized headphones and songs like, “Fuck Trump.”  

The roses we gave out at the readings tie into the Uniqe Womens’ Coalition #iwantmyrosesnow movement.  Rather than wait for death to be recognized, Black Trans women are to be celebrated and protected today. 

We silent-discoed from the sun’s brightest heat to its set, and the night faded into beauty with ten tarot readings benefitting the UWC at evening’s close. 

Trust Your Magic,
Suzy Mae

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