Blue Agate Slice
Blue Agate Slice
Blue Agate Slice
Blue Agate Slice
Blue Agate Slice

Blue Agate Slice

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Blue Agate is similar to other Agate stones, in that it brings a slow, controlled harmony to the user.  Their strength is connecting humans to the yin and yang of the universe-- balance in mind and spirit.

Blue Agate is special among the agates for its ability to help us control our emotions and our communication.  It helps us express what we deeply need to communicate, clearly and with confidence. Blue Agate allows us to release our gorgeous, beautiful truth into the world.

Those who fear public speaking, or revealing themselves to others, may find themselves encouraged to speak up after working with Blue Agate.  People who communicate for a living could use Blue Agate at work, in meetings, or while presenting.

Blue Agate also helps clarify communication in those who tend to babble, or speak before thinking.  It’ll help you be more discerning in the words you use, and what you share.

Another power of Blue Agate: it helps us face past slights, encouraging us to find wisdom within our trauma, and begin to process our hurt.  Blockages can be released, and new ways to express ourselves can be found, when working with Blue Agate.

Use Blue Agate when you…

  • Know you need to work on your communication skills
  • Need to face a past trauma or issue
  • Desire a deeper peace and harmony within yourself


1.5 oz

approx 3 x 3 x .05"