Lemon Quartz Point
Lemon Quartz Point
Lemon Quartz Point

Lemon Quartz Point

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Abundance & self-assurance.  Doesn’t that sound bright and blissful?  Lemon Quartz offers these qualities. High vibe and filled with gratitude, Lemon Quartz allows you to count your blessings with clarity and good cheer.  

You’ll be able to communicate from this uplifted place much more clearly.  Self-esteem rises, mental acuity increases, decision-making becomes a snap with Lemon Quartz.  

Lemon Quartz is good for manifesting material stuff, like emergency money, last minute rent money, just-in-the-nick-of-time money. 

Lemon Quartz can also ease cravings, negative thinking, and bring a little sunshine to your winter.  It’s an all-around upper with a lucky aura.  

Use Lemon Quartz when you…

  • Crave self-esteem and positive energy, including good luck and gratitude
  • Need to manifest some money, in a quick flash
  • Want to speed up your decision, or become a little sharper in the brain 


2.75 x 1.5 x 1.5”

3.6 oz