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Bloodstone is an epic stone, with a dramatic name.  A stimulator and energizer, a healer and an activator, Bloodstone empowers those who work with it.

Bloodstone helps accomplish big things.  Bloodstone increases mental acuity, especially when making big decisions.  

Producers and anyone who “needs to make it happen” should have Bloodstone on their person as they work, as its motivating properties help move projects from concept to production. Bloodstone offers the strength and courage to weather massive change.

Athletes, and those who need strong endurance, can benefit from the powers of Bloodstone.  It helps by boosting energy during an event, and restoring energy afterwards.

All these juicy, stimulating powers of Bloodstone have led to its use as a talisman of good health, and long life.  It’s rumored to bring respect, fortune, blessings and prosperity.

Use Bloodstone when you…

  • Need motivation to start, work on, and complete a project
  • Have a big event you need to get amped up and energized for
  • Know you’ll need extra endurance and acuity for a particular effort


2.5 oz

approx 0.5 x 0.5 x 1"