Blue Agate Slice
Blue Agate Slice

Blue Agate Slice

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Blue Agate is an activator.  It’s especially powerful with your throat chakra, helping you with communication and your own personal expression.  Supportive and understanding, Blue Agate helps you accept what you’re feeling.  

Not only good for matters of the emotional body, Blue Agate helps to connect you to your spiritual self.  That makes it good for artists or musicians, who need Blue Agate to release their writers’ block, improve their articulation, and get in touch with their inspiration.  

Physically, Blue Agate can relieve insomnia, improve your mental acuities, and slow down your hyper-paced fast-forward life.  

Use Blue Agate when you…

  • Need to slow down and connect to your creative, expressive self
  • Feel blocked from your personal truth, or creative voice, and need release
  • Are experiencing insomnia or anxiety, and need to chill out and rest up



3.5 x 2.5 x 0.25”

4 oz