Blue Smelt Pipe
Blue Smelt Pipe
Blue Smelt Pipe

Blue Smelt Pipe

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Blue Smelt is a man-made crystal, created from melted quartz that’s been mixed with dyes and cooled into glass.  So what if it’s not a real stone? Blue Smelt is pretty, chemically similar to Earth-grown crystals, and when you use it as a pipe, it has a purposeful function! 

This piece is a gorgeous clear glass, with streaks of deep cobalt blue running through.  Your friends will be stoked to see it appear from your magic box or velvet pouch, ready to be smoked and deliver a grade-A high.  

Use this Blue Smelt pipe when you…

  • Want to use a cool piece that’s been enhanced by scientific processes
  • Feel great on your own, just need a little extra high


4.5” X 0.75” X 1.25”

2.7 OZ

No carb; comes with spare screen and wire brush