Cauldron Set

Cauldron Set

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Burn incense, palo santo, herbs, and resins in this squat and heavy-duty colored cauldron. 


Sweetly rotund and cheerily colorful, these small cauldrons are sturdy, useful, and durable.  Made in India, they feature a separate lid, attached metal handle, and when you buy the full kit, Neon Altar gives you: 

  • One package of charcoal disks, 10 total
  • One silver pair of tongs
  • One colorful cauldron of your choice 
  • One ounce burn sand (to keep the bottom of your pot from getting super hot)
  • And a small sample container of one of Neon Altar's handmade burnables! 

This is offered to you for $30, all packaged lovingly in a sweet lil box.  Perfect for gift giving or just shipping to your own damn self, because you deserve a better way to burn your scents.  Once you go cauldron, you'll never go back. 



Please use extreme caution when using the tongs, cauldron, and charcoal.  These items get very hot.  The charcoal can spark unexpectedly. 

Keep the burning charcoal and the cauldron away from pets and kids and clumsy-ass people. Don't leave it unattended.

Know that a ton of resin or incense will set off huge smoke plumes.  Open a window and use a little bit at a time to start out.

If you have to leave the house, use tongs to put the charcoal out in a bowl of water.  Make sure it's completely out before you go.  Or if you have time, simply put the lid on and the lack of air will smother the charcoal's burn after a few minutes. 

The sides and even the metal handle can get hot.  The little feet will burn through an acrylic or plastic table. Use the cauldron on a heat-proof surface or use a flat heat-proof tray underneath.