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Cedar, the musky and earthy plant.  A protector with the strength of centurian trees and acres of forest.  Teeming with energy, as forests are with life, Cedar is an energetic tree, which, offered dry, is spiky with a need for attention.  Handle carefully.  Gloves are recommended for the feisty clusters. 

Cedar is also known for healing, purification, protection, and prosperity. Cedar’s energy pulls focus, backed by the chlorophyll-creating Sun.  Major Sun God energy comes through all fiery and masculine when Cedar is burned.  

Cedar is crisp and evocative of daylit woods.  The strong, sensual scent is assertive and commanding.  Use with other herbs in spells and herb blends, but don’t expect Cedar to shy from center stage. 


Use dried Cedar when you…

  • Need deliciously charming Earthboy Sungod Energy to top your spell or ritual off with power and possibility
  • Want a physical embodiment of the life, green energy, and power of the forest, accessible nearby
  • Mix with other herbs and burn over coal, adding Cedar’s protection to the mix 
  • Must carry a protective sachet-- Cedar adds multidimensional purification and healing alongside protection.  Have you ever seen The Bodyguard?  Like that


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