Chamomile flower
Chamomile flower
Chamomile flower

Chamomile flower

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Sweet, soft Chamomile.  He’s a gentle, loving plant associated with the Sun.  Bright and warm, Chamomile makes his way into your heart with loving charm.  

These small, tiny Chamomile flowers are pungent and sweet.  They prickle with life, even in death.  Positivity radiates from Chamomile.  Their little yellow faces reflect the Sun’s positive, opportunistic approach to existence.  White petals pop out, perky, happy, encouraging, abundant.  Chamomile also aids in securing financial stability. 

Associated with water, Chamomile is connected to our emotions, and is particularly good with soothing the more anxious feels.  You’ll be asked to breathe, to express, to sit, and be patient.  Chamomile’s all brotherly love, with a goal to help guide.  

Known for purification, healing, soothing anxiety, gently healing bad luck, and soothing children, Chamomile is the chill bestie always there to guide and support.  Chamomile will sit you down, hands on shoulders, commenting calm things. 

Use Chamomile flowers when you…

  • Want a beautiful visual reminder to calm down, relax, and soothe yourself, perhaps in a trigger-point area like a work desk or mirror
  • Need to carry around some good luck and positivity in a sachet.  Chamomile energetically chatters compliments your way
  • Require immersion in some Sun-soaked, upbeat emotional relief: throw handfuls in the bath and meditate with your favorite Rose Quartz by your side
  • Need some money, safely and quickly.  Use Chamomile to support your spell, and draw compensation for what is owed


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