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Sharp and intense, Cloves demand you snap to attention.  Known for protection, mental abilities, attraction, purification, and comfort, Cloves slice through fog to bring you the news you need. 

Cloves are strong-willed, and they’ll make you strong, too!  Let Clove in.  They’ll open your mind to new abilities, openings, opportunities.  Cross-pollination.  Growth.  Cohesion.  Clove things, all.  

Protection is one of Clove’s strong suits.  A Fire herb, Clove responds well to being burnt.  Purify and protect your space in a  deep, meaningful manner with Clove in the mix.  

Ruled by Jupiter, the knowing sage, Clove can attract (or even demand) energy you *need.*  Comforting as it expands your mental abilities, Clove is a safe urge, a healthy itch, a desire to be explored.   Cloying, full, intense, sweet and strong, Clove’s intricate, intimate scent asks for a partner, a willing accomplice, a match to wrestle with, in the ether between plant and human. 

Use Cloves when you…

  • Are working a delicate ritual-- stab cloves through an orange to enhance the protective powers of both
  • Need to focus mental energy on the Real Problem, you know, the one you’ve been denying?
  • Are determined to capture attention through scent and intention


Measured per ounce

Packaged in airtight poptop container