Apophyllite, medium
Apophyllite, medium
Apophyllite, medium

Apophyllite, medium

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Calling all aliens

Apophyllite is an interdimensional telephone, bringing beings from all different planes together.  It’s cool because we humans get to use it to contact higher realms.  We can use it to visit places where our guides live.  As well as other types of beings.  Who are you trying to contact?

Apophyllite is good at patching in more focused meditations, too.  It clears distractions, and re-aligns you with your purpose by illuminating the bigger picture.  Apophyllite expands your inner vision.  Sparks mental activity.  Boosts psychic skills.

One important being that is quite tuned into Apophyllite: the Earth.  Mother Earth loves checking on her babies via Apophyllite’s metaphysical speaker system.  Love her and receive her messages through this multi-faceted, gleaming stone.

Work with Apophyllite when you…

  • Seek conversation with higher-dimensional beings
  • Want deeper, more vivid, focused and revealing inner visions
  • Feel called to commune with Earth energy: loving, powerful, and wise
  • Desire to push boundaries of psychic experience


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