Dalmatian Stone Stars
Dalmatian Stone Stars

Dalmatian Stone Stars

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So, you’re anxious.  Analytical to a fault.  You’re not a human being, you’re a human doing. It’s time to quit your over-intellectualizing with this pretty, spotted, Dalmatian Stone pipe.  

Dalmatian Stone is known to return users to a calm and grounded state.  Protective and healing, this pipe offers emotional harmony and peace to a flighty mind.

A stone of harmony, Dalmatian Stone encourages loyalty, strengthens family bonds, and connects friends.  Perfect for sharing with those [18+] individuals in your home, or passing around a campfire with a tight crew.

Maybe you want to focus on a big project, soothing your nerves and preparing to take on a challenge. Dalmatian Stone’s good for that too-- brainstorm prep.  Share with a group for an inspired team effort!

Charming, low-key, and enthusiastically unifying, this pipe welcomes you to pack a bowl and settle down.  Indica is recommended to increase the chill.


Use these stars when you…

  • Need to relax after a long day of mental gymnastics
  • Must unify your roommates or connect a group of friends via loyalty and relaxation
  • Are getting ready to plan a big project, and need to think long-term
  • Have been experiencing nightmares and need a good night’s rest