Dark Days Tarot
Dark Days Tarot
Dark Days Tarot

Dark Days Tarot

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Dark Days tarot is inspired by lunar cycles-- the moon shifting over time, changing from dark to full, moving us through its phases of awareness and action throughout a monthlong journey.

Serious yet approachable, Dark Days tarot is dedicated to “the reclaimed witch within.”  Research, diligence, and practice clearly led to the creation of this detailed deck and thorough booklet.  

This deck is beautiful and earnest.  The four sides of the box correspond to the four elements.  Dark Days cards themselves have a thick, lovely smoothness to them.  A shiny gloss reflects off each illustration, and the silver holographic edges set off the square black and white card images.

The cards are drawn by Wren McMurdo, an artist out of Seattle, Washington.  Her fine, expressive, slightly sketchy but limber, lean lines pull images of moon goddesses, birds, candles and more out of the deck’s black background.  The tones are rich, from deepest black to pure white, with grays intermixed for contrast in-between.

Imaginative and dreamy, querents find it easy to connect with each card’s reading.  Wren’s illustrations are evocative, and expressive, plainly illustrating the meaning.  Each image is so compelling, and unique, it’s fun to flip through and find specific cards that resonate personally.  The square format allows you to play with nuances of each card-- is it reversed or tilted right? Each position offers a slightly different meaning.

The illustrated 98-page guidebook is written by Emily Mundy.  Thorough and clear, each page turned presents a new idea, with guidance on how to interpret the tiltings of each square card.  The simple formatting is perfect for including details galore. The guidebook covers unique Dark Days spreads, interpretations of all 78 cards,  breakdowns of the suits, numerology notes, and roles of the major & minor arcana. It’s deeply illuminating, no matter your personal experience with Tarot.

The Dark Days moon theme is deeply entrenched and beautifully expressed. This is a perfect deck for night readings under the stars, or new/ full moon nights when you want to connect even more deeply to that glorious, powerful, rock in the sky. 


Dark Days Tarot is cool for folks who...

  • Love the moon and working with its cycles-- integrate this deck into your moon rituals
  • Seek a new moon-relevant, time-based addition to your collection of special-occasion tarot decks
  • Are new to tarot, and want to learn from a plainly-written, but descriptive guide that covers much about the suits, numerology, and the major and minor arcana 



4 x 4 x 2”

78 black-and-white square tarot cards

Square 4x4” 98-page guidebook included