Green Agate Slice
Green Agate Slice

Green Agate Slice

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Green Agate is a healing, intuitive earthy stone, to keep your physical connection to the Earth clear and clean.  It’s a great stone for vegans or vegetarians, who focus their energetic consumption on the Earth’s plants. Green Agate can help you hear messages from the plant kingdom, and send thanking vibes right back at the Earth.  

Green Agate also helps you remember to clean and purify your environment, and manage your waste responsibly.    It can release toxins, and help you keep your space clear and clutter free.

Emotionally, Green Agate is a healer.  It can bring inner emotional peace, reduce mood swings and drama, chill out impulsivity and temper tantrums, and challenge self-limiting thoughts.  Uplevel your positivity, take on daunting challenges, expand your emotional flexibility, all with Green Agate. 

Use Green Agate when you…

  • Want to connect to the Earth and her majestic plant creatures on a deeper level
  • Need reminders to keep your environment in order and clean
  • Must chill out your negative thoughts, replacing them with open-mindedness and joy


3.5 x 2.5 x 0.25”

2.1 oz