Juniper berries
Juniper berries
Juniper berries

Juniper berries

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Juniper’s sharp.  Razor-sharp, clever, smartest berry in the room.  Ruled by Jupiter, associated with the traveling roustabout Sagittarius, Juniper berries are strongly scented little balls of juicy tartness-- once you roll them around a bit in a mortar & pestle.

Stubborn, ruled by Fire, energetic and raring to protect, Juniper can stand strong against illness, theft, and even accidents.  Add to a spell for your friend with the worst luck.  

Juniper berries also have the power to cleanse, to purify, to clear the room in a flash of insight.  You get quick downloads with Juniper, great for creativity or big projects.  It’s a jazzy, burning, ferociously driven kind of energy Juniper gives off.  Your friend who’s a little too psychic.  Your buddy with the art that’s so good it hurts.  Juniper is aware and everywhere. 

For longer term, deeper-level issues like fertility, Juniper’s sunny berry power grants opportunity and hope.  You can also call on Juniper for enhancement of your psychic abilities.  See clearly and focus, while keeping bad vibes at bay.  

Use Juniper berries when you…

  • Call on advice from other realms, ready to receive and ask-- only recommended with entities you already have a relationship with
  • Need to cleanse a space, fast, pro-witch style.  Burn them, squash and smear, hide in corners or add to an altar 
  • Back down bad luck.  Burn out negativity surrounding you in a flash by including Juniper in a ritual blend or simply burning the berries alone


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