K2 Palm Stone
K2 Palm Stone
K2 Palm Stone
K2 Palm Stone

K2 Palm Stone

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Fully see where you need to be

K2 is named for the K2 mountains in Pakistan, where it was recently discovered-- but has been building solid attention since. It’s a mix of Granite and Azurite, a powerful Heaven/ Earth blend.  Granite, the base, works on your physical form, reaching throughout your body, while Azurite opens up, like portals, to universal wisdom.

Expect deep experiences with K2: an enhanced spiritual journey.  You come back remembering and interpreting messages from higher dimensions with more clarity.

Grounded Granite helps keep physical health in check, draws abundance in, and generally protects the user.  At the same time, lifted Azurite’s powers of telepathy, communication, memory, thought, and access to Akashic records bring you closer to the big-picture visions that direct you towards purpose.


Use K2 when you…

  • Desire to converse with higher-dimensional beings
  • Crave deeper, stronger, clearer visions
  • Work with Indigo children or are gifting a stone to an Indigo child
  • Want to know more about the path you should be on; find your purpose


1 oz

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