Lavender flower
Lavender flower
Lavender flower

Lavender flower

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Magical, elegant, elusive Lavender.  This plant is Mercurian, connected to the Element of Air. There is knowledge on a level beyond time.  Wisdom deep enough to offer light. Conclusions formed as questions.  The connecting of ends, transforming life into a circle.  Lavender is Dream, a mysterious figure we’ve met somewhere before. 

Known for overall healing, Lavender also leads seekers to love, happiness, and the dissolution of grief and guilt.  Big, broad strokes of loving will.  Violet flowers invoking power of intent.  

Lavender also offers sleep, tranquility, purification, and peace. Lavender dreams are musical, heavy, night poems.  For those with nightmares, try Lavender sachets under your pillow.  Open your mind, breathe deeply, allow Lavender’s dreamseed to seep.  

Long term is Lavender’s thing.  Lavender offers house blessings, wisdom, children, and marriage.  Meaningful and eternal, Lavender is light and heavy, the cycle, the beginning and the end.  The mystery between the end and starting over again.  Dreams of depth.  

Use dried Lavender when you…

  • Want to rid yourself of unnecessary guilt and shame, coming to a calmer state of awareness 
  • Need to sleep deeper and more magically, using a pillow-tucked sachet to call on dreams for guidance and inspiration
  • Ask for long-term needs that will affect your life deeply-- Lavender can help us envision and manifest our desires


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