Carnelian Palm Stone

Carnelian Palm Stone

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Know, see, speak truth

Known as the Singer’s Stone, Carnelian’s beautiful warm reddish-pink tone is a subtle introduction to the fiery power it holds.  A steadfastly bold stone, Carnelian guides you in the right direction, helping you connect with your personal intuition.

Carnelian is a bit of a guard dog.  As well as providing you with confidence in speaking, making up your mind, and allowing you to trust yourself, Carnelian guards your home from fire, theft, or accident.  Keep it by the front door, or in a room your loved ones often congregate in.

Work with Carnelian when you…

  • Must develop your eloquence, before a big event or simple everyday interactions
  • Need support in speaking with boldness or confidence
  • Want to cut down on mental distractions, becoming focused and serene
  • Are working to trust yourself
  • Meditate on the correct decision to make
  • Protect your home from invasion or disaster



.04 oz

approx 1 x 0.5 x 0.5"