Rhodonite Palm Stone
Rhodonite Palm Stone

Rhodonite Palm Stone

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A lil love for me, a lil love for you

Rhodonite is a love stone.  The love Rhodonite inspires is both for the self, and for others.  It’s a community stone!

What Rhodonite’s best at, is helping you uncover your hidden skills, and use them for the benefit of yourself and others.  Once you start externally directing your powers and abilities, you’ll start drawing in the people best suited to what you provide.  It’s a sweet cause-and-effect, and Rhodonite is a great stone for those who want to break free of self-deprecating, worthless feelings.

Rhodonite also stimulates learning and development, and inspires you to follow the path to your life’s purpose.  

Use Rhodonite if you want to…

  • Connect more authentically to those in your community
  • Find and accept your true life’s purpose
  • Uncover hidden talents and skills that currently lie dormant
  • Generate a sense of stronger love for yourself and those you care for


.07 oz

approx 0.75 x 0.75 x 1"