Lil Selenite Wands

Lil Selenite Wands

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Selenite is a cleanser, a purifier of auric fields.  It can propel you through blockages and negativity, activating your spirit.  It’s a gateway to your higher self.

Good for energy grids, Selenite can blend and amplify other crystals.  Place them on either side of your bed to clear bad dreams or generate restful sleep.  

Selenite can cleanse and re-charge other crystals.  Lay them atop the rod overnight. Wake to fresh energy.  

Use Selenite when you must…

  • Dissolve emotional or spiritual blockages
  • Clean and re-charge other crystals
  • Grid your home or protect an area within it
  • Blend and amplify a mix of crystal energies
  • Connect with your higher self



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