Serpentine palm stone
Serpentine palm stone

Serpentine palm stone

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Serpentine helps users find peace within themselves.  Meditate with Serpentine when you’re going through changes.  It’s a protector stone that keeps you away from harm and stagnation.  Serpentine was once offered to gods and goddesses to ask for blessings.

Serpentine can help with issues regarding creation, fertility, and sex.  It helps us get closer to our purpose, to what we want, and who we want to be.

Serpentine is a no-BS stone.  It’ll help you strip away what’s old, tired, and damaging... like a spiritual loofah.  Social expectations, familial issues, general human damage. Let it go with the help of Serpentine.


Use Serpentine when you…

  • Want to find a new solution to the rut your life’s stuck in
  • Need to create, make, or conceive
  • Are ready to strip away the nonsense you’ve been told to believe


.06 oz

0.75 x 0.75 x 1"