Pine Bundle
Pine Bundle
Pine Bundle

Pine Bundle

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A cleanser and a clear-er that’s not endangered or exploited, these pine branches are from the trees we know and love.  

Pine is wonderful for banishing negative energy from your space.  Use it in a brushing motion to cleanse your altar, tools, books, jewelry, bed… anything you’ve energetically dirtied.

Pine is quite the masculine plant, representing strength and rebirth, as it will regrow after devastating fires, strong and true as it ever was. 

It’s protective and can set tone for strength under pressure.  The strong, earthy scent grounds you, as the lilting fresh and even grassy lighter tones lift you up, to feel empowered and rooted.

Use pine when you…

  • Need to clear away negative, residual energy from your space
  • Are working on renewal or rebirth, needing strength and support
  • Must get through a tough time, and require some sensual grounding