Neon Altar Sticker Sheet

Neon Altar Sticker Sheet

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SO you like cauldrons and broomsticks.  That's cool.  But how are you going to let the world know?  That's where this die-cut sticker sheet from Neon Altar comes in. 

Printed in hi-gloss deliciousness, in sexy black and bright punk pink, this sticker sheet is a sweet gift for a witchy friend or a delightful personal treat.  With twelve total stickers, all your stuff will be FLAIRED. OUT.  

Stickers include: 

  1. Dank Indica Flower
  2. Neon Altar Balance Sigil
  3. Cheese Pizza With Olives
  4. Regal Neon Chalice
  5. The Eternal Rose
  6. Chill Cobra
  7. Skull & Bone
  8. Cute Cauldron
  9. Pink Pentagram
  10. Bitchin' Broomstick
  11. Retro Roller Skate
  12. Pretty Crystal Point

Get this die-cut sheet and get to expressin' yourself!


4x6 in

Hi-Gloss sticker

Designed by Neon Altar

Made in the USA

ships May 23