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Peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint, and the popular herb can be found all over the globe.  It’s a fresh and airy plant, but one you don’t want to cross. 

Protective and prophetic, peppermint is good if you’re seeking support in a legal battle or claim.  That kind of cooling power supports awareness on psychic levels.  Chill out and let your third eye open. 

Peppermint’s flowing freedom keeps items near and dear to your fresh and lively.  Think tarot cards, lover’s charms, ancestral jewelry or special runes. 

Have you ever had a bitter headache?  Liven up your skull with peppermint, boiled and applied with a compress, or drunk in a tea.  Peppermint speeds healing in general, with its light and airy attitude and hardy nature. 

All these elements make Peppermint a strong protective, intelligent, resolute and healing herb.  It incites action, concentration, and enhances your intuition.  A brilliant staple for your altar.

Use dried peppermint when you…

  • Create a protective and healing sachet for yourself or a friend
  • Mix up a spell requiring an energetic, lively tone
  • Have a legal or factual drama that needs to wrap up… in your favor 



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