Pink Agate Slice
Pink Agate Slice
Pink Agate Slice

Pink Agate Slice

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Pink Agate is similar to other Agate stones, in that it brings a slow, controlled harmony to the user.  Their strength is connecting humans to the yin and yang of the universe-- balance in mind and spirit. Pink Agate grounds and stabilizes. It comforts and brings security.

Pink Agate can help us concentrate, and bring clarity to our thoughts.  While it eases our stress, it stimulates our analytic abilities and helps us retain more details.  

Pink Agate is also a love stone.  It encourages self-love, discourages bitterness of the heart, and strengthens the love between parent and child.  

 Use Pink Agate when you…

  • Need a more positive self-image
  • Want a special stone to share with your child
  • Need to reduce anxiety, so you can more deeply concentrate



1.4 oz

3 x 2.5 x 0.25"