PLTNC Ephemeralis V Incense
PLTNC Ephemeralis V Incense

PLTNC Ephemeralis V Incense

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Activate your creativity.  Let your head pop open and the dreams pour out.  Vibrant, colorful, streaked with memory and tinged with the future.  

In this blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Hibiscus, Amber & Jasmine, PLTNC (pronounced “platonic”) has created an activating, charming, mix of warm complementary notes.  Insistent yet cool, Ephemeralis V is a scent you’ll want to keep in your art studio, music rehearsal space, writer’s desk, or anywhere you’d like to activate ideas. 

This incense burns for about 45 minutes, and is hand-dipped and dyed in LA. 

Use Ephemeralis V when you…

  • Seek to create, write, draw, paint, make music-- get productive!
  • Look to inspire new visions for a grander world
  • Need motivation and encouragement to speak your creative truth


20 incense per box

Incense measure approximately 11 inches