PLTNC Forest Floor Incense
PLTNC Forest Floor Incense

PLTNC Forest Floor Incense

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Wander through an overgrown thicket.  Twigs snap and break underfoot. Your heart skips a beat.  Was that a shadow, or a deer? Eyes focusing, you step forward to see a doe and her young sipping from a stream. 

This Forest Floor incense from PLTNC (pronounced “platonic”) is a deep, yet uplifting scent with organic elements of Oakmoss, Vanilla, Cedarwood, & Amber.  The cedar grounds, while the vanilla sweetens.  

This incense burns for about 45 minutes, and is hand-dipped and dyed in LA. 

Use PLTNC’s Forest Floor when you…

  • Are driven to find a clearer, deeper sense of self
  • Would like to invite elements of the outside, inside
  • Need a subtly woodsy scent that doesn’t overpower


20 incense per box

Incense measure approximately 11 inches