Reset Chakra Bundle

Reset Chakra Bundle

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It’s been a week.  Your feet are beat, your head’s spinning. Social interactions have drained you, and work looms in the distance.  It’s time to get aligned with some handmade goods, in this Reset Chakra Bundle, a discounted grab bag of goodies from Neon Altar that’ll shift your state to one of relaxation and calm.  

What’s in the box?

A chakra stone kit

  • Includes a velvet bag, description card, and the following palm stones:
  • Amethyst / Crown / Purple
  • Sodalite / Brow / Indigo
  • Blue Agate / Throat / Blue
  • Aventurine / Heart / Green
  • Citrine / Solar / Yellow
  • Carnelian / Sacral / Orange
  • Red Tiger Eye / Root / Red

Soothing, self-loving Stardust Co.(ven)* Calm & Uplift Roll-On

  • A richly sensual, sweet, yet grounded mix of Chamomile, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Lavender unravels your anxieties softly-- a tender hand in a velvet glove.  
  • Open the pretty, black-topped glass cylinder, and a smooth, clear ball rolls the deeply scented coconut oil base across your skin.  
  • This roller delivers pure, loving treatment to your wrists, neck, chest, and temples.

Delightfully intense incense from Hidden Folk

  • These incense sticks are dense, intense, and potent.  The cold throw alone will fill the room with scent.
  • When lit, they smoke beautifully and fully, giving off a long and lovely aroma that will tune your reality to a higher degree.
  • Grey scent includes notes of Lavender, Blood Orange, and Howood
  • Handmade in Chicago by Hidden Folk with all natural, pure essential oils.

Neon Altar California Witch Pin

  • California witches, represent!  This license plate pin is super sweet-- a loving homage to the traffic and the traveler’s lifestyle California inspires in every mystic-minded soul.
  • Throw this on and feel at home in Cali, wherever on Earth you may be.  

Use the Reset Chakra Bundle when you…

  • Feel unrested, unsettled, or in need of a spiritual alignment
  • Need a night to focus on yourself, your needs, your body and mind
  • Desire delicious scents surrounding you, to bring you to a higher plane of existence


Total value: $60

Bundle discount:  $20