Rose Quartz Polished Stones
Rose Quartz Polished Stones

Rose Quartz Polished Stones

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Rose Quartz is a loving, gentle, healing stone.  It’s humble yet strong.  A powerful gem.

Rose Quartz can help you process old emotional junk, clearing out your “not being good enough” feeling.  It’s a blackhead mask for your soul.  Maybe you have an emotional block, or a continually running emotional theme that causes problems and pain.  Rose Quartz on your heart can help you resolve that complex stuff, resonating with compassion and ushering in some self-love. 

Gentle is the word for Rose Quartz, so it’s particularly good for processing trauma.  It stabilizes your heart chakra and connects to the frequency of Earth, grounding you in a warm, safe aura of love.

Releasing is also a power of the mighty, quiet, Rose Quartz.  Let go of stress.  Clear your emotional self.  Move from tension and anxiety into love and compassion.


 Use Rose Quartz if you… 

  • Seek an emotional “airing out”
  • Are working with your heart chakra, developing a sense of self-love
  • Face traumatic memories you’d like to process through and release
  • Want to resolve a maladaptive emotional pattern




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