Rosebuds, dried
Rosebuds, dried
Rosebuds, dried
Rosebuds, dried

Rosebuds, dried

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Little mini rosebuds by the ounce.  Sweet puckers of memory, frozen dead in eternal youth.  The complexity of roses, a witchy plant rich in knowledge, love, and fortune is felt on sight.  The scent of each is pungent, and all together, a tart aroma grips your body’s system.  Roses are strong, they are beauty, they are Venus.  

Use these loose, dried rosebud heads and leaves to garnish your altar, attracting your focus of Rose’s many charms:  Healing, love (especially self-love!), restoration, attraction, good fortune, quelling trouble, enhancing psychic ability. 

Rose is often referred to as feminine.  Her planet is Venus.  Element, Water.  Float handfuls of these powerful flowers in the bath while you realize a new and truthful level of self-love.  Aesthetic as anything, magic as can be.  Rosebuds are eternally: babe.  

Use dried Rosebuds when you…

  • Feel moved to add a little loving care to a spell, sachet, ritual or altar space
  • Are getting in the bath, determined to wield internal change (or at least be a little more open to it; we all grow in odd spurts)
  • Desire any of the following element added to your magic: deep healing, attraction to good fortune, rich, sexy self-love, psychic connection, feminine vibes
  • Got a message from Spirit to make little necklaces out of Rosebuds for your cat


Measured per ounce

Packaged in airtight poptop container