Amethyst clusters
Amethyst clusters

Amethyst clusters

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There’s a cool story about the origin of Amethyst.  Bacchus, the god of drink, was insulted at a party, and made the decision to have tigers destroy the next person he came across.  This ended up being Amethyst, a girl on her way to worship the goddess Diana. When the tigers attacked, Diana had mercy, and turned Amethyst into a gleaming, clear crystal.  Bacchus felt regret upon seeing the crystal where the girl had been. Like a true fuckboy, he poured some wine out on the crystal in memory of Amethyst. That’s what gives the stone we know and love its deep purple color… and the power to release addictions.

Despite that dramatic backstory, Amethyst is a calming, chill-out stone of spiritual strength and inner clarity.  Anxieties are relieved; worries are quieted. You’ll become more in tune with who you truly are, when those fears are put on ice.

Amethyst is good for attracting positive energy, while helping you shed chronic stresses and manage depression. Its uplifting purple vibe is set to fully-activated bad-feeling destroyer.  

Amethyst can positively affect your body.  It’ll strengthen your immunity and put that energy flow back into balance.  This physical impact extends to your personal space, too. Put Amethyst in your bedroom, at your desk, in your workspace, where you meditate.  Notice your mind becoming clearer, as negative vibes dissolve in Amethyst’s impressive presence.

Amethyst is a versatile overachiever.  Work with it when you must…

  • Combat negative energies in a shared physical space
  • Overcome addictions, small to intense
  • Become more in tune with your own feelings and emotions
  • Release negative self-talk or deprecating thoughts
  • Connect more deeply to your physical self, especially when healing


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