Tall Quartz Point
Tall Quartz Point
Tall Quartz Point
Tall Quartz Point
Tall Quartz Point

Tall Quartz Point

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Heighten everything // program anything

Clear Quartz may be the crystal we all think of first a generic representative of the mineral world.  But its abundance and energetically neutral status does not mean that Quartz is common.  Quite the opposite.  Versatile, multidimensional, magical, functional… Quartz is so extra. 💯💯💯

Clear Quartz heals by purifying.  Work with Quartz to feel revitalized inside and out, across your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.  

Quartz can also work as an amplifier.  Use it as the base of your crystal grid to enhance and combine the power of your other stones.  Use it in meditation to amplify your intentions.  Clear Quartz brings heightened spiritual awareness, enhancing dreams and visions.

As you use it Clear Quartz picks up energies, storing them away.  This is chill, as it allows you to “program” your Clear Quartz, with an intention or with a combination of other crystals.  Clear Quartz has been described as a “holographic storage device.”  It’ll take what you give it, so get creative!

This also means we have to be especially careful to clean and clear our Quartz.  It hangs on to all the stuff it takes in. Sage it, bury it in the earth, run it under running water, cover it in salt, or saturate it in full moonlight.  Keep your Quartz a happy Quartz.

Use Clear Quartz when you want to:

  • Program a crystal for a specific goal or intention
  • Connect more deeply to your spirituality, dreams, visions and/or meditaitons
  • Amplify the energies of another crystal, or set of crystals


2.5 oz

3.25 x 1.25 x 1 in