Traveler’s Crystal Bundle

Traveler’s Crystal Bundle

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We all love our altars, and our bedroom crystal rituals.  But sometimes we gotta make magic on the go-- and that’s where the Traveler’s Crystal Bundle can help you out.

What’s in the box?


Crystal Traveler

  • A tough, yet soft lil holder that’s subtle, yet intriguing.  Protective and cushiony. But not dorky or granny-like.
  • Beautified by a real witch, an all-seeing eye gazes out protectively, keeping evil and negativity at bay.  
  • Small crystals tuck into a mesh holder, cradling it from bumps and shocks.  
  • A zipper secures the precious babies inside, ensuring no scratches mar your mini gem friend.  


Chakra Tower

  • Get your chakra stones, all in one rainbow medicine container.  Each twist-off compartment holds a stone that corresponds to one of your chakras.  
  • The tower comes with an extra lid, so you can cap off individual sections and take with you.   Or use the included velvet bag.  Your Chakra Tower includes...
    • Amethyst / Crown / Purple
    • Sodalite / Brow / Indigo
    • Blue Agate / Throat / Blue
    • Aventurine / Heart / Green
    • Citrine / Solar / Yellow
    • Carnelian / Sacral / Orange
    • Red Tiger Eye / Root / Red


Skull & Broom Sticker

  • Adorn your luggage or travel gear with an element of witchly flight: a broomstick, laid across a pure white skull.
  • Remind yourself-- our practice is eternal, and no matter where we go, or what comes to pass, our magic will never die.

Use the Traveler’s Crystal Bundle when you…

  • Are often on the move, in need of solace and centering during difficult trips
  • Seek a beautiful, fun space to keep your chakra stones
  • Like throwing crystals in your bag as you go about your day


Total value:  $46

Bundling saves you:  $16