White Copal
White Copal
White Copal

White Copal

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Light, cleansing, uniquely and insistently delightful, White Copal is a resin.  A resin comes from trees, in a hardened state somewhere between sap and amber.  Burnt over charcoal, it smokes up heavy and strong, puffing out like the purr of a lion to greet the world with a breezy refresh.  

White Copal is also known for power, purification, and amplification.  Think of this pure, lighthearted but strong sap as the Selenite of scents. 

Use White Copal when you…

  • Are mixing up an herbal spell, and need a fresh, supple base
  • Need to clean up energy so bad that it literally stinks.  Copal battles bad odor as well as bad feels
  • Want to work with a plant-based, daily cleanser, alone or in partnership with other scents 


Measured per ounce

Packaged in airtight poptop container

Note that White Copal is *very* smoky.  Always make sure a window is open when you set White Coal rocks to coal.