White Howlite Crystal Pipe
White Howlite Crystal Pipe

White Howlite Crystal Pipe

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Howlite is a marbled, gorgeous stone, also known as White Turquoise (which is a bit of a misnomer as it’s not really Turquoise).  This Howlite pipe facilitates awareness and inspires emotional expression. 

Use Howlite to calm your emotions, reduce anxiety, tension, stress.  It’s a soother, to help get rid of pain, rage, and negativity. If you’ve been experiencing temper tantrums and panic attacks, Howlite is your girl. 

You can also strengthen your memory with Howlite, as it helps you retain information and retrieve dream wisdom. 

Howlite helps with interpersonal issues as well, managing aggressive, selfish people in your life.  Set a goal to chill out, focus and memorize, and block negative folks using this Howlite pipe and a deliciously strong Indica.  

Use a White Howlite pipe when you…

  • Need to reduce your stress levels in a major way
  • Have an overactive mind that needs to be calmed and soothed 
  • Must deal with aggressive and rude people-- and you need a psychic blocker



4.5” X 0.75” X 1.25”


3.5 OZ


No carb; comes with spare screen and wire brush