Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

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Witch Hazel is found across the US, a plant that touches all seasons, transforming from budding yellow flower in fall to green lushness in spring.  It’s got a light, somewhat spicy scent that tingles the senses. 

While Witch Hazel’s medicinal and balancing properties are witch’s work, the title of this hardy plant comes from Old English: wice, which means “pliant” or bendy, referring to the branches that wave in the wind, who go with the energy, movable yet unbroken.  The branches of the Witch Hazel tree often form Y shapes.  All the better to dowse with…

Witch Hazel’s bendable and resilient nature makes it good for working through soulful, heavy emotions of any kind.  When you’re having a hard time and feel stuck, want to end a relationship, or rise from a mucky, sucky situation, Witch Hazel will help you wake up, slip out and fly away to lighter moments.  

Witch Hazel has been used to help banish, keep out bad influences, and malevolent energies.  These flowers thrive in moist, thickety environments.  Much like humans in touch with their shadow can also access their light, Witch Hazel’s dark, deep beginnings lead to flexibility and comfort in all seasons.


Use Witch Hazel when you…

  • Need to find a balanced middle ground, between two extremes 
  • Want to bypass a significantly challenging roadblock
  • Wish to block or neutralize strong energy from a single point of origin


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