Witchcraft Kick-Off Bundle

Witchcraft Kick-Off Bundle

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You’re in need of a refreshing collection of goodies to renew your love for the craft.  Fun stuff, useful stuff, and flair that proudly reminds you and all your friends that witchcraft is the sh*t.

Snag this Witchcraft Kick-Off Bundle, that’ll help you clear your space and decorate your stuff with the accoutrements of a practicing witch.

What’s in the box?


Let’s Practice Witchcraft Patch

  • Cute and enthusiastic, the “Let’s Practice Witchcraft” patch is a sweet invite to that witchy babe or them or dude down the street: lay down your car keys, pick up the broom, come over and let’s heat up the cauldron.  
  • Bump this sexy, deliciously retro patch on your backpack, butt pocket, Hogwarts satchel, or ritual cloak.


Black Leather Pouch

  • Sweet leather love, it's a little sassy pouch.  This thing holds a couple of small polished stones in your bag, desk, pocket... pick!  
  • The leather is nice and stiff-- but warms up and softens with use.  
  • A long suede strap closes the drawstring.

Tourmaline Pyramid Stone

  • Black Tourmaline is a strong protector of your space, warding off negativity and ill will.
  • Black Tourmaline is good in the day-to-day, too.  Ward off psychic vampires and life-drainers by keeping this pretty pyramid of Tourmaline near.


White Sage

  • When you infuse the air with this energizing, heady plant, the air changes.  Sage ionizes the air, shifting its structure, physically making humans more positive and receptive.  
  • Sage clears bacteria and covers airspace with a recognizable, commanding scent.  
  • This sage is ethically sourced from California.


Palo Santo

  • Palo Santo (literally, Holy Wood) cleanses your personal space of negativity, open to receive the energy you choose to call in.   
  • Neon Altar’s Palo Santo batch is from Peru, harvested under the supervision of Peruvian natives.  No trees are destroyed. All sticks are cut from twigs and branches gathered from the ground. It’s fresh, on the sweeter side, and burns beautifully.


Snake & Rose Sticker

  • Let this evocative image pull you into a contemplative state of mind.
  • Decorate your life with a witchy reminder-- nature is vicious and beautiful.  Just like us.

Use the Reset Chakra Bundle when you…

  • Feel unrested, unsettled, or in need of a spiritual alignment
  • Need a night to focus on yourself, your needs, your body and mind
  • Desire delicious scents surrounding you, to bring you to a higher plane of existence



Total value:  $40

Bundling saves you:  $10